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 Here is 2016 F3A competition calendar.

March 19th Drem                     Sebart Mythos 1st and 3rd      Malcolm Harris and Bill White          FAI  P-17
April 9th Kinross                      Sebart Mythos 1st and 2nd     Steve burgess and Bill White            FAI  P-17
May 21st east fortune               Canceled 
June 18th Dumfries 
July 16th Glenrothes 
August 20th Hartfield Flyers
Sept 9/10/11/12 Triple Crown Ireland 
Sept 24th Dumfries 
October 22nd - Need venue. Any ideas anyone?
Please contact, Malcolm, Steve or Bill if you wish to enter....


Congratulations To Steve Burgess, 2015 Scottish Champ, Malcolm Harris 2nd and Bill White 4th place  using Sebart Mythos pro and hacker motors supplied by Dumfries Model Flying.

Scottish Team 2014 left to right.. Steve Burgess (mythos Pro),   Malcolm Harris,  Bill White (Mythos Pro), Dave Kelly

F3A Triple Crown 2014 Pics 


Steve Burgess, 2013 Scottish FAI Champion flying Sebart Mythos pro and Hacker motor supplied by Dumfries model flying. 

Bill White, 2012 Sottish FAI League Champ (Dumfries Model flying) With this seasons Sebart Mythos Pro, and Hacker Motor.

Ross Donovan takes delivery of his new Mythos Pro F3A Plane..  Supplied , built and test flown by Bill at Dumfries Models. 

   Wind s 50... The perfect plane to get you started in F3A. The model is incredibily precise but also has a very low stall speed, due the light wing loading.


F3A is precision aerobatics preformed with specially designed aircraft to fly a schedule of manoeuvres in a large and smooth fashion,often called pattern flying.
F3A can be flown at any level, you can start with a limited skill level and move up with help of the more experienced
pilots,there is no short cut to the top have to work at it. Buying the best aircraft and motor money can buy, wont help you if you cant fly at the same level.
To start get yourself a 50 size electric or 63 size glow engine aircraft,this will take you through the clubman and intermediate class and is very cheap to practice with (you will need to do a lot of that) In my opinion electric is best. It will take to long for me to reason why at this stage,but almost all the pilots i fly with and deal with feel the same inc Steve Burgess (electric for runner) Malcolm Balfour,Malcolm Harris,Garry Eunson,the list goes on..Oh yeh don't forget Seb
Ideal aircraft to start with are ; Sebart Wind S 50 Sebart Miss Wind S or Sebart Mythos 125
When you think you have out grown your 50 size and you won you last three comps,maybe it is time to move on to a bigger and better aircraft??? 2 metre is the best size without doubt....But the cost gets more and the fun really starts...
You have to fly a (good 2 metre plane to believe it) very very very good.... But please make sure your ready
Probably the best 2 metre aircraft and value for money (in my opinion) is the Mythos Pro F3A. I will be flying a Mythos Pro
fitted with hacker Q 80 motor,Jeti 99 spin esc and Hacker Top Fuel batteries.
Now you have a 2 metre aircraft you need to go electric, the cost of fuel and engine services is costly..example. I could use at least £5,000 00 of fuel per year(gulp) now i have five hacker 10s batteries at a cost £1,250.00 i have had a 2 full season out of them and may use them for next season to.  Big difference don't you think?
There is a great F3A league in Scotland and England. Give me a call if you want to compete in Scotland.
Bill White
 Sebart Mythos 125s  is a great low cost aircraft to compete at a very high level....
 Bill White (MD and SALES)  2012 Scottish F3A/FIA League Champion....Using Wind S Pro with Hacker setup.
Scottish Nats...          Congratulations to... Wolfgang Schiebel FAI 2nd, Bill White FAI 3rd, Colin Elgey FAI 4th and  Colin Lee INT 1st, Robert Roggerson INT 2nd.. All flying Sebart Aircraft supplied
                                 by Dumfries Model Flying......
Scottish League   Drem 6th October  P13 FAI    1st Bill White (Sebart)  2nd Malcolm Harris (Oxai)  3rd Wolfgang (Sebart)
Scottish League FAI/F3A Champion 2012 .....   Bill White (dumfries models) Using sebart, hacker power and batteries.
F3A WORLD CUP June 2015 Great Britain (click here

Scottish Competitions 2015

 March 21st Drem                                                        Mythos  1st & 3rd       Malcolm Harris, Bill White
 April 11th Balbedie                                                     Mythos  1st & 2nd      Steve Burgess,  Bill White
 May 16th East Fortune                                               Mythos   1st & 3rd       Steve Burgess,  Bill White
 June 27th Dumfries (Triple Crown Team Trials)      Mythos  1st, 3rd,4th   S Burgess, M Harris, B White
 July 18th Glenrothes                                                  Canceled
 August 22nd – Hartfield Flyers                                 Mythos  1st and 3rd   M Harris, B White
 Sept 6th  Dumfries                                                    Mythos  1st,3rd,4th    S Burgess, B White, M Harris           
 Sept 11/12/13th Triple Crown Dumfries                  
 October 17th – Glenrothes 

                                                                           Clubman Schedule Video

                                                Intermediate Schedule 
                              FAI P-17 Schedule - Video

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