3M Wing/Hinge Tape
3M tape has a hundred uses in modeling,try some and you will see what we mean very strong very flexible very thin and very,very,very sticky more info
CAP SCREW M4X28 HIROBO (#2532-047) X 10
CAP SCREW M4X28 HIROBO (#2532-047) X 10 HIGH QUALITY CAP HEAD BOLTS x 10 more info
CAP SCREW M4X35 HIROBO (#2532-026) X 10
 CAP SCREW M4X35 HIROBO (#2532-026) HIGH QUALITY CAP HEAD BOLTS x 10 more info
Great Planes Motor Mount Hole Locator
Take the guesswork out of making holes! Easier than pencil, and more accurate than paper templates for pinpointing bolt holes, the pen-sized Hole... more info
Model stand blue foam
Out Of Stock
This ingenious ultra light weight blue foam cradle has interchangeable ends to fit a variety of different sized models. Don't ruin a beautiful paint... more info
Safety Lead Lock (Pk6)
Simple, lightweight & effective, these brand new Safety Lead Locks make securing servo extension leads a doddle. Don't risk a plug pulling out of... more info
Servo Wood Screws (Pk20)
Out Of Stock
Futaba Servo Wood Screws (Pk20) more info