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30 Minute Epoxy - 2-Ton Devcon 252g Bottle
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30 Minute Epoxy - 2-Ton Devcon 252g Bottle more info
5 Minute Epoxy - Devcon 252g Bottle
5-MIN EPOXY DEVCON A two part, rapid curing, clear, general purpose epoxy. Better on more rigid materials. more info
New Formula Cover-Grip adhesive, which enhances film adhesion between model airplane structures and the film itself, thus reducing and preventing... more info
Thickness - 0.8mm Length - 1 metre Weight - 4 grams more info
Speedbond - 112g (4oz
Speed Bond is general purpose, fast setting PVA type white wood glue for general modelling uses. It dries to a semi-flexible condition with high... more info
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Medium strength, seals metal parts against vibration   Parts can later be disassembled with hand tools   Works best on: Metal, Aluminium more info
Zap Cyno Remover, Debonder
Zap Cyno Remover, Debonder more info
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Zap green (meadium) 1.0oz RRP £7.49
Green Zap will glue almost anything RRP £7.49   Key Features Accelerate with Kicker Allows 7-10 seconds for positioning Cures in 20... more info
ZAP Pink 1oz Very Thin
Key Features Bonds in 1-5 seconds Strengthen fibreglass and cloth Super thin penetrating formula Works best on: Aluminium, Ceramic, China, Cloth,... more info