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Velcro / Bat Straps

Hacker Hook-and-Loop Strap 200mm, 2pcs
Hacker Battery Strap 200mm, 2pcs (3 cell)

Hook-and-Loop Fastener 300mm, 2pcs.
Hacker Battery Strap 300mm, 2pcs (6 cell)

Hook-and-Loop Fastener 400mm, 2pcs
Hacker Battery Strap 400mm, 2pcs (up to 10 cell)

Self adhesive 'velcro' (hook and loop) tape, which is just ideal for the non-permanent attachment...
Ripmax Velcro tape ( Fantastic )

New Products For April - Batteries & Acc's

Eneloop batteries have superb charge retention with 90% after 6 months, and 85% even after a year,...
Eneloop 6.0v 2000mAh AA Ni-MH Rx Pack Flat

Monthly Specials For April

£249.99  £186.00
Save 26%
These are Top Quality Batteries,,,Grab a bargain  only 2 left..  THUNDER POWER   G8...
ThunderPower F3A Pack G8 Pro Lite 25C SeriesTP5000-10SP+25

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