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Powerbox sensor switch


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Powerbox Systems Sensor Switch-

The Powerbox Sensor is an electronic switch / battery backer. Install the unit in your valuable RC model Aerplane and you have a high performance power supply system which will never let you down. In additionto a means of coupling 2 batteries, the unit also offers 2 indepenent linear voltage regulators, 2 electronic switches, 2 volatge monitors and 2 minimum value memories, i.e every single componenet which has a safety implication is duplicated.

The battery backer provides a stabilised power supply for the receivers and servos. The 2 power circuits can be switched on and off separately and their individula switched states are indicated by 2 LEDs.

Each of the 2 batteries and power circuits can be switched on and off and checked separately. A unique design of security circuit, involving a combination of 3 buttons, is employed to operate the 2 electronic switches, completely eliminating the risk of operating the switches accidently. The use of the SET button provides a totally secure method of switching your system on and off.

The SET button is also used for setting the type of battery connected to the unit.

The Powerbox sensor delivers a stablised voltage of exactl;y 5.9 Volts to the receivers and servos. 

Integrated linear voltage regulation enables the use of 5 cellNC or 2 cell LiPo  or 2 cell LiFe batteries, whilst remaining within the voltage limits specified by all receiver and servo manufacturers. The total droput voltage in the backer, including the de-coupling diodes and the voltage regulators is just 0.35 Volts, this is so low that relatively little waste heat has to be dissipated. The maximum continous current which we state as 3-5A, actually varies according to the area of the cooling surface.In electronic terms the components in the backer are rated at a maximum of 12 A, which means that powerful servos can safely be used.


The 2 connecting leads for the battery and receiver sides are of a generous 0.34mm cross section, this means that the voltage loss is slight , even under severe load. Powerbox Sensor has been designed with ultra compavt dimensions a priority, with the result that all the electronic circuitry can be accommodated in a normal switch housing. The back of the switch features an integral heat sink. Please ensure that the waste heat can dissipate freely from the heat sink !

Power handling up to 5.0 Amps (according to heatsink)
Power supply:
2 x 2-cell LiPo battery, 7.4 Volt
2 x 5-cell NiCd or NiMH batteries
2 x 2-cell LiFePo battery (A123)
Two independent linear voltage regulators, supplying 5.90 Volts
Two independent electronic switches
Two volt controller ( in 4 steps ) for each battery NEW
Two Low voltage memory for both batteries NEW
SET button for On / Off switching protection
LED indicators for both power circuits
Operating voltage range 4.0 to 9.0 Volts
Temperature range -10° to +75° C
Voltage loss approx. 0.35 Volts
Weight only 35 grammes incl. all cables

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