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Regulators & Connectors

5.5mm Gold Connectors (2 Pairs) + Red/Black Heatshrink
5.5mm Gold Connectors (3 Pairs)

Powerbox Systems Sensor Switch- The Powerbox Sensor is an electronic switch / battery backer....
Powerbox sensor switch

from PowerBox Systems The smallest combined electronic switch / linear regulator system for...
PowerBox Digi-Switch

Featured Products - F3A AEROBATICS

Wind S 50E (White/Red) - Airframe only Radio Control Model Aeroplane Wing Span: 158cm Lenght: 166cm...
Sebart Wind S 50E (White/Red)

Recomm. Power Setup: Motor: Hacker A50-16S + ESC Hacker X-70 pro  or Hacker A50-14S + Hacker...
Sebart Mythos 50e yellow

Sebart PrometheuS 50E + F3A (Yellow)   Wing span: 61,02 in Length: 66,14 in Wing area: 984,25...
Sebart Prometheus + F3A 50E (Yellow)

(Please note: there may be a delevery surcharge due to size of box) MythoS 125E (Yellow/Black) Wing...
Sebart Mythos 125E F3A Yellow

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