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Hacker Motors

  The new V4 Series A30 Brushless provides increased efficiency. Through a newly designed rear...
Hacker A30-10XL V4 fits all Sebart 30s

Specifications: Powerange   max. 500W (15 sec.)  Idle Current @ 8,4V  ...
Hacker A30-14L v4 Fits Sebart 30s

Description: A50-14S V2.1 (with internal 8mm shaft!) Specifications: Power Range   ...
Hacker A50-14S V4

  The new A50-16S V4   The new V4 Series A50 Brushless provides increased efficiency....
Hacker A50-16S V4

Hacker A60-22S 10s batteries 195 kv 2262 watt
Hacker A60-24S

Its design is perfect for the "Back mount assembly" directly, or via spacers, to the firewall....
Hacker A60-7S V2 28-Pole

These big motors are designed to for the very popular 50 to 80cc Gas class models. Engineered to...
Hacker A80-10

Hacker Adaptor/mount kit Hacker A30 Kit contents...   Mounting star, front and read prop...
Hacker Adaptor/mount kit Hacker A30 V3 /V4

Prop Adaptor 1 propeller adaptor, (bolt to motor type)mounting cross,collet,and mounting...
Hacker Adaptor/mount kit Hacker A50-v3 v4

Call for Price
Here is our engine for the F3A class. Based on the experience of the last four years and countless...
Hacker C50-13XL Acro 6,7:1 Competition

Call for Price
  To Order Please Call 01387 270966 Hacker F3A Contra Engine Adverrun   Adverrun is a...
Hacker F3A Power Unit Adverrun AVR15 (to order)

Hacker Prop Adaptor A30
Hacker Prop Adaptor A30

Call for Price
Description: TO ORDER...  This engine is a perfect drive power F3A. It offers the ultimate in...
Hacker Q60-7m F3A Competition TO ORDER

Call for Price
Description: We proudly present the new Q80 F3A competition motor for airplanes up to 5kg. The...
Hacker Q80-11S 28-Pole F3A

Compatable with Windows  (64 bit) Hacker X-Pro-USB-Interface Will set-up all A Series Hacker...
Hacker X-Pro USB Interface

Specifications: Puller for Prop Adaptor A20/A30/A40 Motors Black Anodised Aluminium Finish Will Fit...
Puller for Prop Adapter A20/A30/A40

Specifications: Puller for Prop Adaptor A50/A60 Size Motors Black Anodised Aluminium Finish Will...
Puller for Prop Adapter A50/A60

Q80 Long Shaft

Replacement Shaft   Hacker A30-L Series v3
Shaft A30-L Series v3

Replacement Shaft   Hacker A30-XL Series v2
Shaft A30-XL Series v3

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