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Smart Guard Lithium Battery Checker V 2


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Smart Guard 2 Lithium Battery Checker & Balancer

Digital lithium battery capacity checker with advanced monitoring features and integrated balancer.


  Li-Po Li-Fe Li-Ion NiCd NiMH
Input Cells 2~7 2~7 2~7 4~7 4~7
Total Voltage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Total / Cell battery capacity (0~99% ) Yes Yes Yes *Yes *Yes
Individual Battery Cell Voltage Yes Yes Yes No No
Lowest Cell Voltage Yes Yes Yes No No
Highest Cell Voltage Yes Yes Yes No No
Voltage Difference Between
Highest and Lowest Cell Voltages
Yes Yes Yes No No

* The battery capacity readings for NiCd & NiMh cells are ony an estimate and should not be relied upon.

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