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Sebart Mythos 125E F3A Blue


Sebart Mythos 125e Build

I collected my Mythos from Dumfries Model Flying and was amazed when we unpacked her; she is only 2 inches shorter than a full 2metre ship. I check all the components and everything looked in first class condition just ten minutes with the iron and the few wrinkles in the covering were away, There are a few nice touches, The canalizer is a slid in fit and can only be removed when the canopy is off, The cowl is again a slot fit then just two screws to hold in place I dry fitted everything first with no problems anywhere. First job was to fit the Elevators, Rudder and arelons all these surfaces are fitted using robart style hinges these were very straight forward to fit just make sure the pivot points are central on the joints. Next job was to fit the servos and control linkages, again nice and straight forward, I opted for a pull pull rudder system. The next stage was to decide on a power set up, Looking at the size and weight of the plane and the type of flying I wanted to do the recommended power set did not make sense, So it was back to Dumfries Model Flying for some advice, After a few cups of coffee and checking on what would fit with out to much trouble I decided on the hacker Q60 being a rear mount motor and not to heavy it seemed the perfect choice, The star mount is not as wide as the recommended A60 5XS so I drew a line through the mounting holes and then moved them towards the centre by 3mm and refitted the captive nuts, I then made a light ply 6.5mm spacer to mount between the star mount and the firewall, With everything all bolted up and the cowl in place this gave me a nice 2mm spinner gap, the speed controller is mounted beneath the motor box where there is plenty of airflow. Next up was the under carriage again this was a very straight forward job, in the past they have recommended that the lift generators are fitted using medium syno but in this case they recommend using silicone I suspect this is because the under carriage legs are not flat but it’s so much easier with the silicone, the last job was the wing fences. All in all a typical Sebart kit to build Take your time; follow the instructions and it’s very straight forward.

My Set Up
Sebart Mythos 125e. Hacker Q60, Jetti 99 Master Spin, 2 x JR3401 Elevators
2 x JR 8401 Ailerons 1 x JR8401 Rudder Hacker Top Fuel 10s 4500ma. XOAR 20 X 13prop

First flight, Take off trim elevator Ailerons and rudder, very impressive vertical performance does not pull off at all, Beautiful slow rolls, Landing very stable at low speed, I have reduced the travel on the elevator and Ailerons and increased the expo the only adjustments made are a personal preference on how I like the model to feel.
Second flight, Take off. Plane tracks well on the runway a pulls away nicely into a nice steady climb no other trim adjustments made, varicose manoeuvres carried out Stall turns humpty bumps, inverted flight loops rolls and knife edge again vertical flight impresses, plane is very smooth and precise with lots of power when needed, Again landing is a doddle.
Third Flight.
Full P13 Flown by Bill White, Bill found it difficult to fault the handling and flight characteristics. He was very impressed with the vertical performance and how smooth and precise it was to fly. He was also very impressed with the progressive and smooth throttle response from the Q60 motor.
To Sum up. 2 very experienced pilots have flown her and are very impressed there is no doubt that in the right hands this plane is more than capable of competing at the highest level and at a fraction of the cost. Don’t cut corners on your set up she’s well worth spending a few extra pounds on. Sebart have done it again another amazing plane.
Colin Lee
Many Thanks to Dumfries Model Flying for all there help and advice
Date Added: 14/10/2012 by colin lee

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