Sebart Prometheus + F3A 50E (Blue)

I am not a competitive R/C aerobatic flyer, rather I am your average club flyer. I have several Sebart models all of which look great and are outstanding performers (Mythos Pro, Mythos 50e, Mini Avanti). The Prometheus builds on the Sebart heritage in design, execution and performance. It comes in a huge box made from the heaviest gauge corrugated cardboard I have seen. I am sixteen stone and I sat on the box, it didn’t give the tiniest bit. The fuselage construction and finish is outstanding and the glass cowl and top are superb.
The kit goes together easily and if you have already built a Sebart you will recognize the sequence and logic. I spent 12 hours building mine and didn’t have any problems along the way. There are a couple of things worth pointing out;
1) The wings have a very thin section and the micro servos I used needed 1/16” (1.6mm) packing under the rear lugs to avoid deforming the upper wing skins.
2) Although the four wing fences all look identical, two of them have the strut locating holes further back, these attach to the lower wing.
The model is smooth, straight, true and purposeful in flight with the CG at the recommended 130mm back from the upper leading edge. I enjoy flying all my Sebart models but I know I will get a particular kick out of this one.
Here is the set up I am using;
Motor Hacker A50 16s V4
Prop APC 16x10e
ESC/BEC Hacker X70 SB RO
Battery Top Fuel Eco X 6s 4500
Aileron servos Hitec HS 5065
Elevator servos Hitec HS 5085
Rudder servo Spectrum S6010
RX Orange R1220XLR with two R110XL satellites

RICHARD HART, 09/09/2017