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  • Aerofly5 For Windows USB Interface Version
  • The new Aerofly 5 convinces with many new features and functions
  • Completely New 4D-Virtual-Elements-Graphics
  • Multi-Player Mode fly together with other pilots on the internet
  • Movie-Center you will create your very own flight videos
  • More than 43 new features, functions and set ups
  • Over 50 different models can be perfectly fine tuned
  • Torque and Hover Trainer for fixed wing model airplanes
Welcome to the world of aerofly 5 and the comprehensive array of models and sceneries that will just blow your mind. Features include Full HD technology, Multi-Pano Technology, Virtual 4D Elements and True Sound Tecnology.
Free downloads are available to help keep you up to date with the latest version and enhancements.

aerofly5 offers a wide variety of features for RC-pilots

A wide variety of models
With the aerofly5.7 Update an even larger model selection is offered now. In total well over 150 aerobats, gliders, scale models, helicopters, jets and even seaplanes. That number increases even more due to the user designed models, which can be downloaded for FREE from our forum.

A huge selection of sceneries
also offers a great selection of sceneries. You can pick from over 35 photo sceneries or choose one of our fascinating 4D sceneries for boundless freedom.
For glider pilots
offers great features such as glider towing, winch towing and realistic wind simulation.
Challenge your skills in dynamic soaring.

Training modes for helicopters
Especially helicopter pilots will enjoy the new helicopter specific features like hover trainer and autorotation trainer for practicing autorotation landings. The hover trainer is ideally suited for beginners. It's perfect for them due to it's adjustable degree of control assistance. This is a must have for the transfer from sim to the real world models.

State of the art flight physics
The new physics engine of aerofly5 brings ultimate aerodynamic realism to your PC.
To reach the highest level of realism our model aircraft's have been set up by seasoned expert pilots. Paying special attention to wind simulation.

Torque roll trainer
The new torque roll trainer will be of great help to you. Simply choose the functions you want to control and the computer will take care of the rest. It’s perfect due to the selectable degree of control assistance. Master torque roll's in no time at all!

Multi Player Mode
On the aerofly5 you can fly together with other aerofly5 users on the internet or a local area network. Use the voice chat to communicate with the other pilots.

To improve your skills aerofly5 offers various contests. The program gives you the choice between spot landing, pylon racing, limbo flying, balloon pop and air race. 

4D sceneries in aerofly5
In our new 4D sceneries you can not only freely select your viewing position, but also the time of day, clowds, an other weather conditions. When changing the time of day the light conditions and the shadows will change. Now that's impressive realism.

Patented „Multi Pano“ technology
Several photo sceneries feature our patented “ pano” technology that allows you to change your viewing position. Click on the yellow eye symbol in the picture to the right to change viewing positions.

Highly detailed models
The model details in aerofly5 are simply stunning. Even the smallest details are displayed. For even more realistic surfaces like glass windows, screws etc, we use up-to-date “shaders” in our so called “3D engine”.

  • 118 Models:
    Aircraft, jets, helicopters, gliders, seaplanes and
    true scale models
  • 35 photorealistic sceneries from all over the world, e.g.
    Bennetfield, AMA Field in Muncie, Phönix Superstation Air Park Parker Mountain, Ayers Rock, Aspach, Augsburg, Herrieden, Neuburg,
  • NEW: Operating scale details such as opening canopies, entry doors, mechanical landing gear indicators, moving louver flaps and much more.
  • Six 4D sceneries
  • Fly through tunnels, halls and caves
  • Adjustable weather
  • Adjustable day time, wind and fog
  • Adjustable clouds
  • Animated objects (trees, windmills, windsocks and clouds)
  • Contests like limbo, ballon pop, airrace, heli precision contest
  • NEW: Headtracking enhancement (view change via head movement with optional TrackIR equipment)
  • NEW: Altitude related air pressure
  • Extensive wind simulation with windfield display
  • Modell editor with over 200 adjustable parameters
  • Multiplayer mode with up to 15 players over LAN or internet
  • Recording center: record, save, play and exchange recorded flights
  • NEW: Fully functional cockpit instruments in the Swift glider
  • NEW: Large truck mounted start winch for True-Scale gliders
  • Aerotow on split-screen
  • Winch start
  • Handstart
  • Vertical speed indicator
  • Seaplanes
  • Animated water simulation
  • Training aids like
    torque roll training,
    autorotation practice or
    hover trainer
  • Easy user interface

Many, many detailed models
With the FREE Update to version 5.7 aerofly5 offers an even larger model selection. Aerobatic models, gliders, scale models, helicopters, indoor models, jets and seaplanes. Fly over 150 models in over 50 sceneries.
We are convinced you will find the model of your dreams!

Fascinating sceneries
In our 4D sceneries you can choose your position freely. In addtion you can change the time of day, type of clouds, fog and wind settings. Also, you can fly behind your model in follow or fly in cockpit mode.
While discovering the endless details of the 4D sceneries fly through tunnels, under rock overhangs and even through open ended buildings.

Fly together with friends
Fly together with other pilots. For example with a second pilot on the same computer in order to practice glider towing, or fly on the aerofly5 with up to 15 pilots in multi-player mode on one of the multi-player servers in the Internet. Meet for Fly-Ins and enjoy this wonderful hobby together. Finding new friends from around the world is pre-programmed when using the voice-chat!

A paradise for glider pilots
aerofly5 offers fantastic features for glider pilots, such as glider towing, winch towing and realistic wind simulation including slope up draught. Thanks to the exact wind simulation even the latest craze of Dynamic Soaring is possible.
There is now even a start winch for True-Scale gliders available in the perfectly designed 4D-sceneries of aerofly5.

System requirements for Microsoft Windows PCs

  • Intel Pentium 4 oder AMD Athlon64 compatible CPU with 2,4 GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 14 GB free hard disc memory
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • OpenGL Version 2.1 compatible 3D-graphic card from NVIDIA
    or ATI with 256 MB. At least as fast as NVIDIA 8600GT or ATI HD
  • Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • A free USB port to connect the USB Interface or GameCommander

  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • OpenGL Version 3.1 compatible 3D graphics card from NVDIA
    or ATI with 512 MB. At least as fast as NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or
    ATI Radeon HD4850

Please note: 4D sceneries only run on the recommended system platform.

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