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Kms Quantum Motors

Great for small or indoor foamies Specification: Length: 26mm Weight: 29g ...
KMS Quantum 2205/21 B'Less Motor

Specification KV 1450 Length:26mm Weight:44g Max. Continuous Current (Amps):9A Pole: 14 Propeller...
KMS Quantum 2208/12 B'Less Motor

The ideal motor to simulate a .15 size glow engine using 3 Li-Po cells and an 9 x 5 or 10 x 5...
KMS Quantum 2814/05 B'Less Motor

Quality, performance and value-for-money are all combined to provide electric motors that cover the...
KMS Quantum 2820/05 B'Less Motor

Featured Products - Electric Motors

  Description:  A50-16S V3 NEW VERSION (8mm with internal wave!)  ...
Hacker A50-16S V3 New version

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