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Q80-11 PSD Senstrol electric motor

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Q80-11 PSD Senstrol electric motor

Product description and features

The hacker R & D team around the developer Martin Vilsmeier has once again achieved a big hit with this new Q80-11 PSD Senstrol!

An uncompromising revision has succeeded in further improving the weight-performance ratio. The overall length has shrunk to the size of the Q80-XS. The most important reason why the available power is significantly higher than the normal Q80, especially with this engine, is the unique Senstrol technology. Not only the motor and controller are 100% matched, but the motor is driven by a real sine wave. By this control the motor can be operated with more power and has a higher efficiency at the same time with less power loss and heat generation. Compared to the standard Q80-11 the new Q80-11 PSD Senstrol comes with up to 25% more power!

Like every Q80 also this Q80-11 PSD Senstrol is built, tested and measured by hand in-house.

Quality "Made in Germany" for the highest demands.


Power range max. 3400W (15 sec.)
Idle Current @ 8.4V 1.1A
Resistance (Ri) 0.02 Ohm
RPM/Volt (kv) 205 U/min-1
Weight 620g
Outer diameter 88.5mm
Length 65.5mm
Number of poles 28
Controller recommondation Master Senstrol 120A Opto

Typical setups

PropXoar CFK 21x13Mejzlik 20x14EL 3Bl.Falcon 20x13,5 3Bl.
V / LiPo 37V = 10S LiPo 37V = 10S LiPo 37V = 10S LiPo
Amp. 92A 91A 90A
Power 3400W 3367W 3330W
RPM 6480 6000 6270
Controller Master Senstrol 120A Opto Master Senstrol 120A Opto Master Senstrol 120A Opto

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