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Fusion & Futaba Chargers

New 1000 wats The Emperor L712B Pro is the ultimate choice for the professional modeller. With twin...
Fusion L712B Pro Emperor DC NEW 1000 watts

Originally developed for use with the Futaba 8FG and 12FG radios, the new FBC35D/4 charger has a...
Futaba Tx/Rx Chgr (Tx 7.2v 170mA) (8/12FG)

Futaba Tx/Rx NiCad/Ni-MH Chgr 120/600mA   4.8v 600ma 9.6v 120ma  
Futaba Tx/Rx NiCad/Ni-MH Chgr 120/600mA

Main slow charger for charging 12v lead acid batteries ie flight box batteries
Mains charger for 12v lead acid battery

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