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2 Cell Lipo

  Adapter cable MPX connector (female, to ESC-/Model) to EC 3 connector (male, to battery)...
Adapter Cable MPX/EC3

Specifications: Number of cells [S]   2 Capacity [mAh]   1300 Rated voltage...
Hacker ECO-X 2 cell 25C 1300mAh

The New Hacker TopFuel ECO-X LiPo 25C Series. High Quality + High Power at a low price. Technical:...
Hacker ECO-X 2 cell 25C 900mAh

The new TopFuel ECO-X 20C Series. High quality and a lot of power for a fair price. Ready to plug...
Hacker ECO-X 2 cell 20C 3000mAh

Number of Cells (S): 2 Capacity (mAh): 1800 Voltage (V): 7.4 C-Rating: 25C Weight (g): 95...
Hacker ECO-X 2 cell 25C 1800mAh

  TopFuel LiPo ECO-RX 500 2S   The popular Hacker TopFuel LiPo series is extended with...
Hacker ECO-X 2 cell 25C 500mAh Rx

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