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Freewing F-16 90mm upgraded delux with weapon set


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Freewing F-16 90mm upgraded EDF - PNP - with built in afterburner-DELUXE EDITION WITH INRUNNER MOTOR,,        with weapon set

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single beam multi-purpose fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the USAF and is produced by Lockheed Martin since 1993. The F-16 was initially designed only as a lightweight fighter, however, led to the high demand, that it has been developed for all-weather multirole fighter. Since the start of series production in 1976 over 4500 machines were built. The F-16 will remain in production after the current orders until at least 2017. 

The description of the model reads like a list of the absolute highlights in EDF Jet build:

Sprung full metal chassis, LED lighting, afterburner simulation, 90mm ducted fan with 12 blades 130A controller ... This list could go on for long.


The model makes a visually Top-impression, thanks to the many small and large details can discover something new again and again. The entire armament of the original was exactly reproduced and can be easily installed using magnets and remove.

The cockpit was rebuilt in the small scale and the overall lighting of the original was transferred to this model. Even the landing lights were extremely bright 3W realized by means of LEDs.


The drive is based on a simple but effective concept:

We take the finest components and build an optimum in a calculated air flow.

The 90mm Impeller with aluminum housing has a 12-bladed high-performance rotor and is driven by 4068 - 1680kv inrunner motor. The built-130A controller has an external 8A BEC.


The chassis is a technical masterpiece. All-aluminum, spring loaded and with the same kinematics as the original. The gear doors are actuated by servos typically over the Door sequencer.


Technically, the flight can Freewing 90mm F-16 nothing to be desired. The strong drive, visually supported by the afterburner, the model accelerates to takeoff speed within a short time and can withdraw the model almost by itself. In the air, showing the great aerodynamics, which the original F-16 had.

Absolutely intrinsically stable even in tight turns, slow flight characteristics and great top speed.


Thanks to the strong 12-blade impeller with inrunner motor POWER EDITION of the F-16 has even more power!

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